Chinese is a growing language. The number of people that speak Chinese has drastically increased over the past few years. Chinese is the official language of China and then with the increase in China’s part in the global economy, Chinese was added to the official list of many other countries. Chinese has many versions and dialects spoken. Of which the Mandarin versions is the most commonly used one. This version of Chinese is the official language in China and has been the official language in Singapore along with other languages. Chinese has been the most popular language that has been taken up by students and adults in the foreign word. Chinese has many dialects some of which I spoken in remote areas and is spoken just by a handful of people. The variations in these dialects are so high that a fluent Mandarin speaking person might not be able to understand the Han version of Chinese.

Where to learn this language

Chinese have been actively taken up for study in the past few years. With the increase in language usage, it has been an essential part in the last few years. The need to learn more than one official language in a country like Singapore is good. Since Chinese is one of the official languages in Singapore it is good to learn the language. Hence search for a good Chinese language school in ang mo Kio and enroll yourself here. The teachers here are experienced in the field and have been in the teaching field for many years. The teachers are very fluent in the language and have been certified for this job


Chinese is not an easy language. It can be barely similar to the languages spoken in Asia. A lot of work needs to be put into this if you need to pick up the language. The curriculum includes reading, writing and speaking. The writing classes will introduce you to the letters and the way it will be written. The reading and speaking classes will teach you the grammar and the way the language is used. This is the soul of the language. The curriculum will include both the teaching and exam parts. The specific areas taught will be posed for exams and the pupils will be evaluated. This can be a kind of encouragement. The students are then put through a fixed and organized way of teaching and the course last few months. The more you learn the more fluent you can get.